Health is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. –World Health Organization The mind and the body are inter-related, health of one is the health of the other, and the ills of one are the ills of the other. Keeping this in mind, a special assembly on ‘Healthy body and Mind’ through Zumba originally from USA was conducted by the students of Class VI. The students shared the various ways, Zumba and Ladder drills to keep the mind and body healthy. Ladder drills from Russia were demonstrated by the students followed by various zumba steps along with their importance explained simultaneously. They were told that ladder drills and zumba along with Yoga are excellent ways to improve foot speed, coordination and overall quickness .The students were encouraged to do physical exercises regularly to remain fit and improve concentration. They were also sensitized towards importance of healthy habits. To inculcate the good eating habits a wonderful skit on Junk Food v/s Healthy Food was performed by the students. The activity named ‘Food Pyramid’ was also conducted for the better understanding of health and nutrition.. The students were told about the importance of balanced diet. The students were asked to analyze their dietary intake by separating foods eaten into the proper food groups. The facilitator talked about the different lifestyles of India, America and Russia. The special assembly was conducted to bring about holistic approach to health and well being among the students.
  • Hindi Poem Recitation Presentation (Classes I-III)

    “Poems can prove to be instrumental stepping stones for young learners to develop their verbal skills and boost confidence”. Keeping this in mind, Maxfort School, Pitampura, organized ‘Hindi Poem Recitation Presentation’ for the young children of Classes I to III on 30th August, 2019.The young children recited a variety of interesting poems like Shikshak, Patang, Suraj, Mera Mitra etc. The Maxfortians presented their poems enthusiastically with actions and voice modulation. The poems chosen by the children were well appreciated by one and all. Overall, it was an enriching and an enjoyable experience for the Maxfortians that helped the learners to enhance their verbal skills.
  • Janmashtami Celebration

    Janmashtami or Gokulashtmi is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. The festival was celebrated by students of Ruby House with great zeal and pomp at Shree Ram School, Tohana on 23rd August, 2019.The students highlighted the important teachings of Lord Krishna through various presentations. The students sang a harmonious bhajan which was followed by stupendous dance drama ‘KRISHNA’ depicting the childhood and youth of Krishna. The students dressed up as Krishna and gopies looked adorable in their traditional attire. The children imbibed ethical value and fabulous culture of India. The facilitator shared the life history of Lord Krishna to enhance their understanding about this festival.
  • Special Assembly On Healthy Body And Mind Through Yoga

    “Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul.” A few minutes of Yoga during the day can be a way to get rid of stress that accumulates daily in both the mind and body. Keeping this in mind, special assembly on ‘Healthy body and Mind’ through yoga was conducted by the students of class VI. They shared the various ways to keep the mind and body healthy. Warm up exercises were demonstrated by the students followed by various asanas along with their importance explained simultaneously. The students were encouraged to practice yoga regularly to remain fit and improve concentration. They were also sensitized towards importance of healthy habits. They were told how to possess a healthy mind and body. The students enacted to show the comparison of different lifestyles of India, America and Russia and how it can be changed to healthy lifestyle. The special assembly was conducted to bring about holistic approach to health and well being among the students.
  • Fruit Plate Activity

    Eating the variety of fruits keeps our meal healthy and flavourful. ‘Fruit plate’ activity was organized in Shree Ram School, Tohana for the Classes IV and V on 19th August, 2019. Students presented their colourful platter in a mouth tempting, creative way. The purpose of conducting this activity was to promote healthy eating habits. Fruits have been recognized as a good source of vitamins and minerals. People who eat fruit as part of an overall healthy diet regularly, have a reduced risk of chronic diseases. Maxfortians have fruit break everyday in their time schedule in the school.
  • Bastille Day Celebration

    Bastille Day is the French National Day, which is celebrated on 14th July each year in France. National Day commemorates the Storming of the Bastille on 14th July 1789, an important event in Paris in the French Revolution as well as the Fête de la Fédération which celebrated the unity of the French people on 14th July 1790. Shree Ram School, Tohana celebrated the National Day of France, better known as Bastille Day, commemorating the Storming of the Bastille on 15th July, 2019. Students were briefed about this day which was followed by different activities. Students of Classes IV and V made smileys with the expressions written in French. Students of Classes VI and VII made bookmarks with a quotation written in French language. A French movie “Ratotouille’ was also shown to the students of Class VIII. It was a great learning experience for all the students.
  • Special assembly on Eid-Ul-Zuha

    Eid-Ul-Zuha also known as Bakr-Id is celebrated by the Muslim community across the world. People celebrate this festival by offering morning prayers in mosque and follow their prescribed rituals. They visit family and friends to offer wishes, share gifts and rejoice together. Maxfort School, Parwana Road Pitampura celebrated Eid-Ul-Zuha on 9-08-19, Friday with great zeal. Garnet House students conducted a special assembly. The celebrations began with an informative presentation, in which the children told the meaning, purpose and importance of Eid. Children were informed about how this festival brings special cheer for the children as they wear new clothes and get money or Eidi and sweet on the occasion. After the wonderful introduction to the festival of Eid, Garnet House students presented a beautiful thought on Eid, and also recited a poem on the occasion, conveying the message of peace and harmony. They performed a short skit to show the importance of sacrifice, which is usually done for the sake of better cause. It was followed by a foot tapping dance number; “Eid Mubarak ……”. The special assembly was successful in conveying the significance of Eid and in encouraging the children to follow the path of peace, love and friendship.
  • Special Assembly on Independence Day and Rakhshabandhan

    Shree Ram School, Tohana celebrated Independence Day and Rakshabandhan on 14th August, 2019. A special assembly was conducted by Garnet and Topaz house where in the students of Classes l and ll presented melodious patriotic songs. A scintillating dance performance on song “Aisa desh ha Mera” filled everyone’s heart with overwhelming emotions of patriotism. Students were sensitized about the importance of joyous festival “Rakshabandhan” which celebrates the bond between a brother and his sister. Mesmerizing dance performance on the song “Phoolon ka taaron ka” aroused love and affection for their siblings. Children were full of enthusiasm to celebrate both the festivals with their family and friends.
  • English Poem Recitation Classes (I-III)

    ‘English Recitation’ Activity was held on 31 July’ 2019 for the students of classes I – III in Shree Ram School, Tohana. Beauty is the realm of the poetry, the children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, music of words etc. Taking all these facts into consideration, the children got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The children choose variety of topics for their recitation like nature, books etc. One could see and feel the enthusiasm that the children had in their presentation and the readiness of even those who were sitting among the audience to come and say something. Overall, the presentation proved to be an enriching experience for all the children.
  • Exposition Classes (I-III)

    Shree Ram School, Tohana organized its annual exposition, PRASTUTI for the Classes- I-III on Saturday, 27th July, 2019. The theme for the exposition was Experience, Explore, Create, wherein the young learners experienced the journey of learning by exploring and creating variety of projects. The exposition commenced with the cultural programme. The opening school song mesmerized the wonderful audience. Children showcased the creative dance talent through fusion performance kerala boat, lavani and magic show. Talent of music was showcased through medley of poems. The programme was carried forward with the parents visit in the classrooms. Children showcased their projects based on experiential learning, varied explorations and wonderful creations. All the projects were displayed and projected with an aim of instilling an everlasting impression on the mind of young learners. Whole ambience of the school and classrooms were created to give an impact of the theme. The projects included experiments, mathematical games and puzzles, language board game, creating new material using variety of old and unused things etc. The event was appreciated by all the visitors including the parents. It ended with an enthusiastic and never ending zeal of young maxfortians.
  • Digital Planetarium Show

    Planetariums are devoted to enhance understanding in Astronomy and related fields, especially Space Science. The mesmerizing night sky is always been a source of inspiration for scientists. Shree Ram School, Tohana has organized the Planetarium show for the students of Classes I - VIII in the school premises in the month of July, 2019 . The themes covered were very interesting like The Puppy on the Moon, Chandamama, Dhruv Tara, Journey to Wonderland, Galileo’s Sky, Deep Sky etc. In the follow up activity, a quiz was conducted. Prizes (Games and Puzzles related to Astronomy) were there for the winners, as well as a pictorial informative booklet was given to each student. The ambience was full of learning, curiosity and enthusiasm amongst the students.
  • Workshop on “Challenges in Teaching in Present Scenario”

    It cannot be denied that teaching is rewarding yet challenging. It demands broad knowledge of subject matter, curriculum, and a caring attitude. Maxfort School Parwana Road, Pitampura organized a workshop on 23rd May, 2019. It was about the “Challenges in Teaching in Present Scenario”. The workshop was conducted by the resource person Dr. Tanushree Singh. In her talks she reflected about the present education system and the challenges and issues faced by the teachers in dealing with the students. She reiterated that teachers should spend more time in analysing and coordinating with students through class room interactions. She also updated about the seven powers in dealing a grown up child along with conscious skills of discipline. It was a fruitful session which will help the teachers to enhance their skills to deal with the challenges they face in the present teaching scenario.
  • Workshop on “Multiple Intelligence”

    “I want my children to understand the world, but not just because the world is fascinating and the human mind is curious. I want them to understand it so that they will be positioned to make it a better place” ― Howard Gardner Intelligence is often defined as our intellectual potential; something we are born with, something that can be measured, and a capacity that is difficult to change. In recent years, however, other views of intelligence have emerged. One such conception is the theory of multiple intelligences. Shree Ram School, Tohana organized a workshop on 28th June, 2019 on the topic “Multiple Intelligence in human beings”. The workshop was conducted by the resource person- Dr. Ms. Anjali Singh, an Educator cum Motivational Trainer. She has a wide experience of authoring, editing text books and conducting Teachers Development Programmes all over India. In this workshop, she reflected upon the nine different types of multiple intelligence that is in most of the human beings. Intelligence grows and changes throughout our lives. At any age, we can learn to be smarter. She emphasized that how we can recognize intelligence in different students and plan our strategies and lessons accordingly. The conclusion of the workshop was very overwhelming for the teachers and they can apply the discussed strategies in their classrooms in presenting subject matter in ways that use language, numbers, physical surroundings, sound, the body, and social skills. It will help the students with different capacities to grasp the concepts and learn in their own way.
  • Hindi Extempore (Class VIII)

    To develop the communication skills of the students, a Hindi extempore activity was organized at Shree Ram School, Tohana for the students of Class VIII during the month of May wherein enthusiastic students expressed themselves confidently. The students portrayed different set of characters with thought provoking messages. The students were required to speak on the spot on a given topic and were given a few minutes to organise their thoughts. Such impromptu speeches give an opportunity to the students to analyse and identify the topic, prioritize and sequence their thoughts as well as to voice their creative ideas with precision. Overall, it was a great learning experience for them.
  • Jodo Gyan Activity (Classes I-III)

    Jodo Gyan activity provides an opportunity to explore and understand Mathematics in a fun and concrete manner. Shree Ram School, Tohana organised ‘Jodo Gyan’ Activity for Classes I-III on 16th May, 2019. In this activity, Class I did the activity on Rangometry, Class II did the Bundling Activity and Class III did the activity through Arrow Cards. Rangometry helped the children learn through colourful foam shapes to help themselves make creative designs while learning about shapes. Making Bundles of Tens Activity is an excellent strategy for helping students conceptualize the change in place value as number becomes a 10. Arrow cards are a set of place value cards with an "arrow" or point on the right side. Students can organize the cards horizontally or vertically to represent numbers in expanded notation. These teaching learning methods are developed in a long process of actual problem solving while teaching Mathematics to the children. Overall, the activity helped the children to conceptualize the Mathematical concepts in fun and interesting way.
  • Mother’s Day Celebration

    Mother’s Day is a special day of the year, dedicated to all mothers .It is celebrated all over the world. Mothers hold a special place in the hearts of children. The students of Shree Ram School, Tohana celebrated Mother’s day on 10th of May 2019 .They were given an opportunity to show their appreciation for their mothers, a day prior to Mother’s Day. To show their love and respect for their mother, the young Maxfortians came up with new and innovative ideas for their cards. They intensely and devotedly spoke about their mothers. It was a pleasure watching the dynamic and energetic children preparing something unique and something special for their mother’s. The outcome of their efforts was marvellous. Each card was special and different in its own way. It was an enjoyable and a memorable day for each and every child which left an indubitable mark on the innocent hearts.
  • Excursion to Air Force Museum (Class II)

    Shree Ram School, Tohana organized on educational excursion for the children of class II on 4th May, 2019 to the Air Force Museum located at the Palam Air Force Station in Delhi. The young learners visited the Indoor gallery that show cased historic photographs, informs, personal weapons of the Indian Air Force etc. children also got an opportunity to visit the outdoor gallery displaying several war trophies, equipments and enemy vehicles captured by Air Force. Overall, the children enhanced their understanding about the Indian Air Force who takes care of security of the Indian citizens. Also, they could be sensitized about the hardships of Indian Air Force for providing us safe environment.
  • Election Activity (Classes I-III)

    To apprise the students with the voting process an Election Activity was conducted from 3rd to 7th May, 2019 with the students of Classes I,II and III at Shree Ram School, Tohana. The students were divided into different parties based on themes like cleanliness, Healthy food and Summers etc. Each party was assigned a different symbol. All the parties along with their group leaders campaigned for themselves with a lot of enthusiasm. A mock voting was conducted in which the learners voted for the parties. The members of the winning party from each class were assigned duties. The activity enabled the learners to identify the system of voting and know that how a government is formed.
  • Labour Day Celebration

    The International Workers’ Day, also called as Labour Day, was celebrated at Shree Ram School, Tohana with full zeal. The event kicked off with a speech welcoming the workers. The students presented a small skit to express their gratitude to the members working in the school. These members were presented with badges as a mark of respect. After the presentation by the students, the Principal, Ms. Mona Lakhanpal congratulated the workers and thanked them for their selfless services. The Principal also felicitated them for the commendable service. In her address, the Principal acknowledged the contributions of the work force of the school and lauded their ceaseless efforts for the welfare of the students. The event was designed to forge a better understanding of the labour community among our students who must learn to respect and appreciate their efforts.
  • Fancy Dress Presentation (Classes I- III)

    Scholastic and co-scholastic activities have an equal importance in school programme for the all round development of the child. Keeping this in view, Maxfort School, Parwana road , Pitampura conducted the Fancy Dress Presentation on 30th April, 2019 for the children of Classes I, II and III. The purpose of conducting the presentation was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students by giving them an opportunity to speak in front of their own classmates. Children were dressed in their colourful costumes and spoke few sentences on the character that they depicted. The effort and hard work of children was highly commendable. Students displayed their talents on the themes Healthy Food, Summer Season and Cleanliness with great zeal and enthusiasm. The Maxfortians dressed up as an apple, a mango, coconut water, a refrigerator, a fan, a dettol, a colin, a colgate, a dustbin and many other beautiful characters. The activity proved to be great learning experience for the students and gave them a platform to explore their hidden talent.
  • Investiture Ceremony

    “Leaders are the role models who inspire the followers and motivate them to reach the pinnacle of the success.” Shree Ram School, Tohana proudly organized ‘Investiture Ceremony’ for the academic session 2019-20 on 29th of April, 2019 in the school premises. The ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal Ms.Mona Lakhanpal followed by the soulful rendition of the School Prayer. The air was filled with the mellifluous accord of sounds by the musical presentation and the budding singers mesmerized the audience with an inspirational song. The energy and passion of the students was visible in the scintillating dance performance – an amalgamation of Indian Classical and western dance styles. The march-past by the head boy Ritvik Gulati and head girl Anjali Dugar along with all the other members of the council was a spectacular step which set the mood for the event. The newly elected student council members pledged to work earnestly and uphold the honour and glory of the institution while receiving their prestigious badges and sash from the Principal. She also administered the oath to the student council. She inspired and encouraged the elected leaders to be dutiful and faithful. She reminded them, they are the torch bearers of all the values that the school stands for and urged them to take up the responsibility with commitment and integrity. Her words of advice were highly motivating to the students. It was a proud moment for all the Parents to witness their children being invested with great responsibilities while embarking on a new journey as leaders. With the flags held high and heads standing tall, the ceremony concluded with the National Anthem.
  • A Visit to Kiran Nadar Museum (Class V)

    Shree Ram School, Tohana organized an educational trip to Kiran Nadar Museum on 20th April, 2019 for the students of Class V. The gallery is located adjacent to District Court Saket, in the heart of New Delhi. The trip began with lot of enthusiasm and vigour. Students were given a guided tour of “The Kiran Art Gallery”. The gallery showcased a large number of paintings and sculptures. Each piece of art had its own hidden story when seen with love and compassion. The unique colour combination and the presentations were very captivating. The team also organised a small workshop where the students were divided into groups and given some basic drawing tools. The groups were asked to paint monster on a cup. Students were thrilled to do so and ended up making beautiful designs. A sumptuous refreshment was also served to all the participants. It was a mesmerizing experience for the students as well as the facilitators as such trips give a chance to explore the beauty of art.
  • Health and Personal Hygiene Workshop (Classes VI, VII)

    A workshop for the girls of Classes VI and VII of Shree Ram School, Tohana was conducted on cleanliness and personal hygienic practices on 23rd April 2019. The main purpose of this workshop was to create awareness among the girls regarding cleanliness and its benefits. The session emphasized on the importance of following personal hygiene practices especially during the menstrual periods. The students were told that good hygiene is must to avoid the spread of infections and diseases. Students learned to follow the principles of correct hygiene at an early age to lead a healthy life later. Unhygienic practices especially during menstrual periods can result into severe health problems ranging from internal allergies and infections. The workshop was completely informative and enhanced the knowledge of students which will prove to be very helpful for them and also made them confident in handling any adverse situation.
  • A Visit to Parliament Museum

    Students of class VIII, of Shree Ram School, Tohana got the golden opportunity to visit the Parliament Museum and library on 20th April, 2019. The purpose of the visit was to make the students aware about the Democratic Heritage of India spanning 2500 years of Indian History. They were shown an enlightening documentary about Indian freedom struggle and various Portraits of the freedom fighters. The replicas of different national monuments and symbols were the centre of attraction which also had an explanation through large screen interactive computer multimedia and sound-light video animations. Overall this was an educational visit which helped to motivate the students to become responsible and dedicated citizen of the country.
  • Earth Day Celebration

    Everything in the world around us is built upon the Earth, grows on the Earth, or depends on the environment of the Earth in some or the other way. As we know this is the only planet where survival is possible so it becomes our duty to save our Mother Earth. With the view of sensitizing the children about how to protect our Earth and to celebrate Earth Day, a special assembly was conducted by the students, of Classes VI to VIII in Shree Ram School, Tohana on 18th April, 2019 in the school premises. Students shared their views about the importance of saving Earth and the measures that can be adopted to save our planet Earth. The school choir presented a mellifluous song on the occasion. A week-long celebration was organized from 18th to 24th April, 2019. An amalgamation of creative activities were done by the students of Classes I to VIII like slogan writing, card making, poster making, poem writing, and germination activity that marked the event. Students and staff members took pledge during the occasion. Later, a talk was conducted in the classes so that every child can express his environment friendly ideas of Saving Earth. The children were made aware that EVERY DAY IS AN EARTH DAY. The Principal Ms. Mona Lakhanpal in her address reminded children of their responsibility towards Mother Earth. The students participated enthusiastically and displayed great zeal and exuberance throughout the week.
  • Excursion to Sulabh Museum of Toilets (Class III)

    To promote sanitation across the nation, there is a museum dedicated to toilets in New Delhi named Sulabh International Museum of Toilets. To sensitize students about hygiene and to make them aware about the toilet seats used during ancient, medieval and modern time, an excursion to Sulabh Toilet Museum was organized for Class III of Shree Ram School, Tohana on 20th April, 2019. The children were shown a clipping displaying how the people used to manage without toilets in earlier times. The members of this NGO showed children the low cost toilets, replicas of toilets used by King Louis XIII of France, Queen Victoria and the Maharajas of Jaipur. The museum displayed the development of toilet systems. It was an informative visit.
  • Baisakhi and Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration

    The staff members and students of Maxfort School, Parwana Road Pitampura celebrated Baisakhi and Ambedkar Jayanti on 11th April 2019 with great zeal and enthusiasm.A special assembly was held to mark the occasion. The celebrations began with reciting of poems based on both the festivals followed by speech on Ambedkar Jayanti and Musical performance. The highlight of the programme was the mesmerizing dance performance by the students. A talk on Importance of Festivals was given by the school facilitator. The Principal, Ms. Mona Lakhanpal lauded the efforts taken by the facilitators and students.
  • A Special Assembly

    Shree Ram School, Tohana conducted a special assembly on 10th April, 2019 to felicitate the students for their exemplary performance in Olympiads. Students participated in various categories like Science, English, Math, G.K, Talent hunt, etc. Students were awarded with medals and certificates for their remarkable performances. We are proud to share that Prakhar Sharma of Class VIIC bagged the first state level award for talent hunt and Anaya Mittal of Class VIB bagged the third state level award for talent hunt. Palak Makhija of Class VIC won the gold medal in second level science Olympiad. These types of activities urge children to take a challenge which improves their creativity and problem solving skills. It motivates children to strengthen their knowledge of using mental ability and logical reasoning. It was a great learning experience for every learner. The principal, Ms.Mona Lakhanpal congratulated the students for their achievement and wished them the best for their future endeavours.
  • Welcome Assembly

    The students of Classes I-VIII were welcomed with ‘Tilak’ and warm wishes on 02.04.2019 i.e. the first day of the new session 2019-20. They were filled with excitement as they entered the School premises. There was a special ‘Welcome Assembly’ for the students. The students guessed their class facilitators enthusiastically. The choir group of facilitators presented a melodious recital of songs. The facilitators also highlighted the significance of maintaining discipline and following school rules through a comedy skit. The students of Classes I-II were thrilled and surprised by the ‘Magic Show’. The students were felicitated for 100% attendance during the session 2018-19. The students were spell bound by the rainbow of cultural programs presented .The Principal, Ms. Mona Lakhanpal greeted the students with a motivational speech. She told the students to explore, express and excel academically and creatively in the new session. She also appreciated and applauded the efforts and hard work put in by the facilitators to welcome the students and make it a special day for them.
  • Orientation Programme

    Shree Ram School, Tohana organised ‘Orientation Day’ on 25th March, 2019 for the parents of children who have joined the school in the session 2019-20. The programme served as an opportunity to showcase brief introduction about the philosophy of the school. Parents got an opportunity to introduce and interact with the facilitator for the brief discussion about their ward. The cultural programme was organised for the parents which began with the school anthem and heart touching Shiv-Vandana presented by Senior Maxfortians. A play showcasing that how Maxfort opens its students’ mind to boundless possibilities of learning not limiting them to standard text books and syllabus was dramatized. The school principal, Ms. Mona Lakhanpal welcomed the parents to the Maxfort family and highlighted her valuable thoughts about the importance of parents’ qualitative time in their child’s life. The chief guest of the day, Ms. Anu Singh, a senior consultant with Times of India appreciated the stupendous performance and addressed the gathering with few but effective parental tips. The audience participated actively by their thunderous applaud. The show concluded with a marvellous orchestra performance which was appreciated by one and all. The portfolios were handed over to the parents and school guidelines were explained well.
  • National Science Museum

    The students of classes VII of Maxfort School Pitampura were taken on a visit to the famous National Science Centre on Saturday, 21 April 2018 in an attempt to gain insightful perspectives on scientific laws and theories. It was a great learning experience for the students as it invoked a sense of curiosity to explore the exhibits in the museum. The students visited various galleries like Fun Science Gallery, Pre historic Life Gallery, Human Biology Gallery, Science and Technology Gallery, Emerging Technologies Gallery, Information Revolution Gallery etc. They were briefed about ways to treat and preserve water. After the gallery visit, the students were shown a 3D movie. The students learnt valuable lessons about the preservation of scientific and technological heritage of the country. The visit was definitely a fun and learning experience for students.
  • A Visit to Parliament Museum (Class VIII)

    Maxfort School, Pitampura organized an excursion for the students of Class VIII to the Parliament Museum on 20th April, 2018 which is located in the Parliament Library Building in New Delhi. Students got to know about Democratic Heritage in India spanning 2500 years of Indian history of democracy. Students actively participated in the session with the resource persons explaining them. The replicas of different national monuments and symbols were the centre of attraction which also had an explanation through large screen interactive computer multimedia and sound- light – video animations. There was a small documentary film shown to the students about the sacrifices of the great leaders for our nation and about the formation of Indian constitution. Overall, this was an educational visit which enhanced the students to become the next responsible and dedicated citizen of our country and to work with full enthusiasm for the development of the country.
  • Fancy Dress Presentation (Class ll)

    Dressing up, always makes children excited! To develop presentation skills, Fancy dress presentation was organized for the little Maxfortians of Class-II of Maxfort School, Pitampura on Friday, 27th April, 2018. The activity was based on the theme 'Food and Health'. The motive of the activity was to inculcate healthy eating habits. This activity was fun as well as learning experience for students as they shared their views with their peers about the importance of healthy food. The children dressed up as an apple, dietitian, vegetables, etc. All the students were well dressed with creative dresses and props. It was an opportunity to develop communication skills and to overcome stage fear with confidence. The presentation was well appreciated by other students as well as facilitators.
  • Orientation Programme

    Maxfort School, Pitampura organized an 'Orientation Day' Programme for the parents of the new entrants on 27 th March, 2018. The aim was to familiarize the parents, 'as partners in progress' with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies and the co- scholastic activities. The inaugural address by the Principal, Ms. Mona Lakhanpal highlighted the importance of active learning process in empowering the students with life skills. Through a brief power point presentation the parents were enlightened about the salient features of the school. A cultural programme was presented by the young Maxfortians. The head boy and the head girl of the session 2017-18, shared their insightful thoughts and enriching learning experience of their schooling in Maxfort. This was followed by a very interesting and informative talk about 'Parenting tips' by the well known psychotherapist, Ms. Bhavya Arora from California and Netherlands. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by the Maxfort Team.
  • A Special Assembly

    A special assembly to welcome all the students of classes III-VIII for the new session was conducted by Maxfort School Pitampura on Monday, 2 nd April 2018.The students came excited, reenergized and full of confidence for beginning the new session. The assembly started with the facilitators singing the mellifluous songs, brightening the whole atmosphere. The principal Ms. Mona Lakhanpal awarded certificates to the students having hundred percent attendance in the session 2017-18. She also addressed the students with some cheerful and sparkling words to motivate them and invigorate their sprits with optimism and dynamism. She encouraged the students and reiterated the importance of discipline in the school.
  • Orientation Programme

    Maxfort School, Pitampura organized an 'Orientation Day' Programme for the parents of the new entrants on 27 th March, 2018. The aim was to familiarize the parents, 'as partners in progress' with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies and the co- scholastic activities. The inaugural address by the Principal, Ms. Mona Lakhanpal highlighted the importance of active learning process in empowering the students with life skills. Through a brief power point presentation the parents were enlightened about the salient features of the school.
    A cultural programme was presented by the young Maxfortians. The head boy and the head girl of the session 2017-18, shared their insightful thoughts and enriching learning experience of their schooling in Maxfort. This was followed by a very interesting and informative talk about 'Parenting tips' by the well known psychotherapist, Ms. Bhavya Arora from California and Netherlands. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by the Maxfort Team.
  • Baisakhi and Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration (Classes III-V)

    Students of Classes III-V of Ruby house of Maxfort School, Pitampura presented a special assembly to celebrate Baisakhi and Ambedkar Jayanti on Friday, 13th April 2018. The students shared information about the festival along with thought provoking English and Hindi poems. The skit enacted by the students gave the inspiring message of sharing and caring for each other. The dance performances by the students left the audience spell bound. The Principal, Ms. Mona Lakhanpal appreciated and commended the efforts put in by the students and facilitators of Ruby house.
  • Special Assembly

    The new session always comes with a lot of excitement and a lot of responsibilities. We, at Maxfort believe in developing leadership qualities in young Maxfortian right from the beginning. Hence, a special assembly was conducted and new class representatives were felicitated with their badges. Followed by this, the Class representatives were addressed by the Principal Ma'am about their roles and responsibilities. Students were appreciated and motivated by their classmates with great applaud. This small ceremony brought up a new zeal among students to do their best and live upto their utmost potential.
  • A Special Assembly

    A special assembly to welcome all the students of classes III-VIII for the new session was conducted by Maxfort School Pitampura on Monday, 2ndApril 2018.The students came excited, reenergized and full of confidence for beginning the new session.The assembly started with the facilitators singing the mellifluous songs, brightening the whole atmosphere.
    The principal Ms. Mona Lakhanpal awarded certificates to the students having hundred percent attendance in the session 2017-18.She also addressed the students with some cheerful and sparkling words to motivate them and invigorate their sprits with optimism and dynamism. She encouraged the students and reiterated the importance of discipline in the school.
  • Excursion to Tikkling Adventure Camp (Classes VI-VIII)

    Maxfort School, Parwana Road believes to give their students a holistic approach towards life. Believing in the spirit of adventure, students of Classes VI-VIII went to Tikkling Adventure Camp at Gurugram on 19thFebruary, 2018 under the able supervision of a well-trained group Rocksport.
    The view of the campsite was breath-taking! The trainers immediately introduced the students to the rules of the camping and students were given refreshments to energize them. And there was no turning back, students found themselvesengrossed throughout the day in various physical activities in which they came to know about their own strengths and weaknesses. Each activity was so well planned and so well executed that children found themselves to be very close to the nature and brought them face to face with their inner selves. The students enjoyed the thrilling rides, zip lining, camel riding along with dancing on the foot tapping music. On the whole, it was a day full of fun and frolic under the supportive guidance of their facilitators and trainers. It was overall an enriching experience and the children immensely enjoyed.
  • Puppet Making Activity (Classes IV, V)

    Creativity is a great motivator because it makes children interested in what they are doing. To encourage imagination and creativity amongst the students, Maxfort School, Pitampura organized Puppet Making Activity in the school premises for the Classes IV and V in the month of October. Students made innovative and attractive puppets by using different materials like coloured paper, ice cream sticks, rubber bands, cardboards, wool etc. Students enjoyed this activity and also appreciated each other. The objective of this activity was to develop the creative talent of the students and to encourage the craftsmanship and artistic talent of the students.
  • Just a Minute Presentation (Class I)

    To develop presentation and communication skills of the students,the Maxfort School, Parwana Road organized 'Just a Minute Presentation" for Class I students on 27th February 2018.
    The purpose of this presentation was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence to express themselves through verbal expression in front of the large group. The themes given to the students were "Save Earth", "Plants", "Healthy mind and Healthy body". Facilitators appreciated the efforts put in by the children and their parents. Facilitators appreciated the efforts put in by the children and their parents. All the participants delivered the dialogues confidently as per the themes.
  • Cooking without Fire (Classes IV-VIII)

    Maxfort School, Pitampuraorganized the"Cooking without fire" activity on 7th February 2018 for the classes IV- VIII. The aim of this activity was to provide a platform to students to showcase their talent in various fields and explore new areas of interest.
    The students of classes offered a treat to eye as well as to taste buds through this activity. The enthusiastic students surprised everyone with their culinary talents by preparing dishes like salads, chaats, sandwiches and sweets etc. It was indeed a pleasure to see the learners taking part excitedly in the activity.All the students displayed their culinary skills creatively. The Prinicipal,Ms. Mona Lakhanpal lauded the efforts of the best participants by giving certificates during the special assembly.
  • Talent Hunt (Class III)

    Maxfort School, Pitampuraorganized a talent hunt showfor class III under the guidance of the Principal, Ms. Mona Lakhanpal. The purpose wasto bring out the hidden talents of the young learners. The students were extremelyexcited to geta platform to nurture their intrinsic qualities and remove the fear of stage.
    The students exhibited their talent through various activities like magic show, singing, cooking without fire, art and craft etc. Each student participated with enthusiasm and displayed exceptional creative skills. It certainly was a great exercise for confidence building and developing presentation skills amongst the students.Events like this are really imperative along with academic knowledge for the students, as these activities will inspire the students to showcase their composite personality traits to the world at large.
  • Talent Hunt (Class I)

    A Talent Hunt was organized for Class I by Maxfort School,ParwanaRoadon 25th January, 2018. The aim was to encourage the children to come forward and show their hidden talent. This event has helped to nurture the intrinsic qualities of students and overcome the stage fear, which helps in personality development too. Little Maxfortians exhibited their talent in various activities like singing, music, drama, art and craft etc. They sang songs, some danced and some of the children presented stories. There was a complete ambience of joy. The children were actively engaged in exhibiting their talent, their laughter and smiles indicated the sense of involvement. This event helped children to develop higher level of creativity, observation, communication, self-expression and confidence along with their artistic skills.
  • Republic Day

    Maxfort School,Pitampuracelebrated Republic Day in the school premises on 25th, January 2018. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. The school echoed with patriotic fervour as the children drew scenes of Republic Day celebrations, sang patriotic songs, and even wore tri-coloured clothes to mark the occasion.
    TheIndian tricolor was unfurled in the school field in the morning. Thereafter, the cultural program beganwith the lighting of the lamp. The school choir set the pitch for the program with the School song. The dances performed showcased the valour of Rani LaxmiBai and paid homage to the efforts of the famous freedom fighters of India. The school choir enthralled the audience with the patrioticsongs they sang. The highlight of the program was a dance performance that instilled the value and reverence for the gift of freedom by the great leaders of the country. The programme concluded with the National Anthem evoking the feeling of patriotism among all present there.
  • Excursion ToSawaiMadhopur (Ranthambhore)-Jaipur (Classes IV-V)

    We at Maxfort School, Pitampura believe in giving learning beyond the classroom. Here students learn it by living it,when they experience firsthand, the very best historic,cultural and natural sights. Keeping this in mind, an educational trip was organized for classes IV –V to the Ranthambhore& Jaipur from 3rd January to 7th January 2018. The students were taken to Ranthambhore fort to catch the historical & architectural glimpse.The view of the Jungle from the top of the Ranthambore Fort was truly captivating. Then we visited the "Trinetra Ganesh Temple" located in Ranthambhore fort. The temple itself is mystifying as it is said the idol emerged from the rocks on its own and is the only idol of Lord Ganesha which has three eyes and is rightfully called the TrinetraGanesha.
    After the temple, we began with an adventurous safari to the Ranthambhore National Park. Students were accompanied by a guide who promised for a fair chance of spotting a tiger as Ranthambore offers some of the finest opportunities for sighting the magnificent tiger in the wild. Visiting this national park helped the learners to understand that National parks safeguard these habitats, and provide a safe space for wildlife to breed and survive. Without national parks certain animal species are at greater risk of becoming extinct.
    In the evening, there wasvisit tothe famous Hamir fort and Yogi Mahal.It helped the learners to enhance their knowledge about the historical background of these famous forts. During their visit, they also got the opportunity to see liveperformances by Rajasthani folk musicians and dancers.The simple yet expressive dances of Rajasthan were enjoyed by one and all.
    On the third and final day was the trip to the citadels of Jaipur that have allured visitors from all across the world for centuries. Students started their day by visiting the famous Amer fort that is known to serve as the capital city of Kachchwaha clan of Rajputs before the advent of Jaipur. This beautifully made fort has a number of stunning palaces to fascinate its visitors. The palace that attracted us the most was the dazzling Sheesh Mahal.
    This trip was an opportunity for the students to build positive attitude which subsequently lead to improvement in achievement and motivation in all area- including academic. It helped the students to develop better understanding of India's rich heritage culuture.
  • Story Telling

    Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children. The stories they listen, the books they read and the characters they get to know become their friends.Story Telling encourages and enhances the listening skills of the children. If the habit of listening stories is inculcated in them they become good listeners.Good Listeners are the Good Learners, keeping this in mind Maxfort School organized a Story Telling Session by a renowned anchor and Documentary Films maker Mr. Sanjay Muttoo. He has been closely associated with All India Radio, as a News Reader in English. He narrated several documentaries both in Hindi and English. Mr. Sanjay Muttoo narrated the story interestingly with voice modulation and intonation which was thoroughly enjoyed by our learners. The story session was well appreciated and applauded by learners as well as facilitators.
  • Excursion to Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum (Class V)

    Maxfort School, Pitampuraorganized an expedition to the Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum on 26thDec. 2017 for the students of Class V. The trip commenced with a visit to 'Martyr's Column', where Gandhiji was assassinated. There were footprints made of stone, signifying the steps of the Father of the Nation in his final moments. Next, was the visit to a room, where Gandhiji lived in his final days. On display were some of his personal belongings and inspirational quotes, which will continue to be a source of pride and inspiration for future generations. The best part was a tour of the museum. Students were first shown a short presentation of the fateful, tragic day when Gandhiji was assassinated. The tour of the museum was educative and fascinating.
    One of the incredible features on display was the Tree of Unity, depicted by a group of people holding hands, which would light up a pole and, if any one broke the connection, the lights would go off. Another spectacle was a beam, which was divided into rotating segments, each displaying a unique ideal that Gandhiji believed in. The use of advanced multimedia to showcase Mahatma Gandhi's life style and his principles not only induced and increased the awareness of children but also instilled in them the sense of nationalism.Each segment preaches Gandhiji's message to the people. The place is very serene and informative. We also saw many short clippings on Gandhiji's life, which made us respect him even more. It was a novel learning experience for the children.
  • Book Week

    "The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go."
    -Dr. Seuss
    Max Curriculum continuously endeavors to enrich and encourage its learners to explore, think, discover and rethink.Thus to arouse and motivate students towards readingMaxfort School organized a "Book Week" in the last week of December, 2017 to enter into a world of imagination and create a buzz around books and reading. Different activities like My Favourite Author, My Favourite Book, Making of Book Marks and Book Covers etc. were organised for the students of all age groups.
    As access and choice are the key to good Reading Culture,the BOOK WEEK gave the students an opportunity to browse through the fantabulous collection of books and make their choices.
  • A visit to Craft Museum, Pragati Maidan (Class VIII)

    MaxfortSchool,Pitampura believes in imparting knowledge beyond books.
    An educational expedition to Craft Museum, PragatiMaidan was organised for the young minds of Class VIII to expand their knowledge about the significance of craft in their daily lives.During their visit, students came across the rich and varied culture art of different states.The students were able to appreciate various art form practised in the earlier times.
    To enhance students creative skills they were also briefed about the different art forms of different states by the museum's volunteers. Further, a video was presented before the young knowledge grabbers, which introduced them to the handloom and the making of different handicrafts of India. It was an experiential learning experience for the students.
  • A visit to Kiran Nadar (Class VII)

    An excursion to "KiranNadar" museum was organised by Maxfort School, Pitampura for the students of class VII as a part of their experiential learning. Students were briefed about the museum by the volunteers and a workshop was conducted to enhance the artistic skills of the students. Students were given a small piece of cardboard and a pencil before entering the museum to create their own piece of art inspired by paintings displayed inside the museum.
    During their visit in the museum, students got to see the work and collection of the famous artist "Kuldeep Singh" which includes "Thanjavur" paintings. After the visit, students were made to sit in the groups of five each to colour their own piece of art. They came up with beautiful creations of their own and filled life in their work with colours. After completion of their workshop, students were once again taken inside the museum to explain the making of these famous "Thanjavur" paintings. They were given detailed information about these paintings which includes clay structures, gold foiling etc. It was a fun filled experience enriched with some artistic and historical learning. Students too have shown a great enthusiasm during and after the visit.
  • Excursion to "Lotus Temple" (Class I,II)

    Excursions are fun yet educational! To motivate the students through learning process, an excursion to Lotus Temple was organized for little blooming buds of Class I and II of Maxfort School, Pitampura on 1st December 2017. The motive of building Lotus Temple was to unite all races and people of every religion and spreading peace and harmony. Lotus is a common symbol to Hinduism, Jainism, Budhism and Islam. Learners were made to visit here to realize temple does not distinguish between people so we should also treat each other equally irrespective of their race and religion. Learners also learnt the importance of peace in our life when they spend time in silence. Learners enjoyed the visit thoroughly and it was observed that they were calm and composed.
  • Excursion to Air Force Museum (Classes III, IV)

    Maxfort School, Pitampura organized an expedition to the Indian Air Force Museum located at the Palam Air Force Station for the students of Classes – III and IV on 7th December, 2017.The museum showcased the very best of what the Indian Air Force has stood for both war and peace. Its compilation is a lasting tribute to hundreds of people who contributed to build a glorious tradition.
    Through this educational expedition, students learnt the history of the Indian Air Force. It helped them understand what it is to be an Air Force Pilot or what it is to stand up for one's country. It was exciting for the students to see live fighter planes like-MIG, Jaguar etc. and parts of the enemy planes and choppers damaged during the India-Pakistan war in 1971. There was a wonderful display of artillery, uniform and the achievements of Indian Air Force officers which infused a great patriotic feel in the students. The excursion was a novel learning experience for the children as they were introduced to airplanes and armoury connected with the rich history of the Indian Air Force.
  • Show and Tell Presentation (Class I)

    Maxfort School, Pitampura organized ''Show and Tell Presentation" for Class I on 30th November,2017.Children were given the various topics as per their age and interest like my favourite festival, my favourite sport/game etc. Children shared their views and thoughts on their favourite topic that they chose.Learners were able to present their topic along with well displayed objects. The presentation has helped to amplify their communication skills as well as their confidence level. Overall the presentation was an enriching experience for the young learners of Maxfort.
  • Show and Tell Presentation (Class II)

    To boost the students' confidence and to provide an opportunity to explore the ideas, MaxfortSchool,Pitampura organized "Show and Tell Presentation" on 30th November, 2017 based on the different themes. The themes were "Favourite Sports", "Favourite Food", "Things we use to keep our self clean", "Things we use in different festivals" and "Most valuable thing in my life".Then the students presented themselves in a spectacular manner. They presented their themes by using different props and costumes. They were looking very attractive in colourful costumes. The children exhibited their confidence in their presentations. The other students as the spectator applauded the students who were performing there. The students took part whole heartedly in their presentations.
  • Third Language Activity on "Seasons"

    Students of classes IV-VIII of Maxfort School, Parwana Road presented an activity on "Seasons". The purpose was to develop the learning skills of the third language through project based. Also, it provided an opportunity to enhance the innovative and creative thinking skills of the learners.
    The young Maxfortians participated in this activity with full enthusiasm.
  • Solo Singing Presentation (Classes VI-VIII)

    A solo singing presentation for Classes VI-VIII was held on Tuesday, 29 August, 2017 in Maxfort School, Pitampura. The Theme for the presentation was "Patriotic and Devotional" Songs. The participants put forth their enthralling performance representing their respective houses. The occasion was graced by the principal, Ms. Mona Lakhanpal. Students came up with such melodious voices which in the run attracted the audience attention and a great support was given to motivate the performers. All the young maestros who took part made the presentation a great success. All of them sang to their level best. The participants were judged under the parameters of lyrics, melody, rhythm and overall presentation. The principal, Ms. Mona Lakhanpal praised the performance of each participant.
  • Solo Singing Presentation (Classes IV, V)

    A 'Solo Singing presentation' for Classes IV and V was held on 4th September, 2017 in Maxfort School, Pitampura. Children were brimming with enthusiasm and eagerness to showcase their talent. The students prepared well with a wide range of songs. While the choice of songs which ranged from the patriotic to the devotional. It was delight to see that each child had worked hard to present and sang the songs with conviction. Their songs invoked a strong sense of patriotism in each one present there. The stage was resplendent with a feeling of belonging and pride. The occasion was graced by the esteemed principal, Ms Mona Lakhanpal. She appreciated the efforts made by each student who participated and motivated them to showcase their hidden talent. We discovered the singing talent in our students and we are very optimistic that these students will bring glory to the school in the future.
    It was a great show and the entire school was involved in cheering, encouraging, lauding and appreciating the singers. The success of the show could be well judged by the smile on the faces of the students and the facilitators.
  • Safe Use of Internet Workshop (Classes IV-VIII)

    Maxfort School, Pitampura organized a workshop for Classes IV-VIII in the last week of August to guide the learners about 'Safe Use of Internet'. The objective of the workshop was to make the students aware about the inappropriate content and extremist ideas online. The resource person worked to ensure that all the learners are equipped to protect themselves from any internet related harm. The learners were also motivated to set up rules for Internet access with their parents and to follow the given instructions. The learners took an oath to be a good citizen and do nothing against the law with full dedication. Maxfortians determined to follow the pledge signed by them in their everyday life.
  • Hindi Poem Recitation (Class III)

    "Poem Recitation is a mode of expression, a medium to reflect the latent talent of the young ones."
    Poem is meant for enjoyment. The children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. Keeping this in mind, a Hindi poem recitation was organized for the students of Class III of Maxfort School, Parwana Road on 21st August, 2017. This presentation was organized to explore and encourage the speaking skills along with confidence in the students. All the children recited poems with great enthusiasm, confidence and voice modulation. They came prepared with the poem of their choice with different themes like earth, nature, tree, mother, water, clouds, sun, freedom fighters etc. The eye catching props added icing to the cake.
  • Hindi Poem Recitation (Class II)

    "Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words"
    To explore and encourage the public speaking and presentation skills in the children of Class II Maxfort School, Pitampura organized Hindi poem recitation on 28th August, 2017. It provided an opportunity to the students to exhibit their talent and confidence. Students were inspired to come forward and recite on the stage. The children chose variety of topics for their recitation like nature, trees, sun, flower, teacher, butterflies etc. They presented using variety of props and also made their presentation rich by using appropriate actions.
    Children performed with great enthusiasm and zeal to fulfil the objective of recitation. Presentation was enjoyed by all the kids and facilitators.
  • Write up for workshop- Effective Teaching Strategies

    A workshop on "Effective Teaching Strategies" was conducted for the facilitators of Classes I-III on Saturday (26-8-17) by Ms. Surbhi Nayyar, Ms. Priyanka Khurana and Ms. Harpreet Kaur Sethi. The facilitators were shown the different videos on how children learn by doing. The videos also focused on how different creative pursuits like Dance, Art and Music can be conducted effectively. It included the activities that can be conducted for the vocabulary enrichment in the young learners.
    Overall the facilitators could gather the essence of the workshop that the learners have the potential but needs opportunities and, we as facilitators should believe in our children and provide them the space to grow well in the surroundings with well planned and innovative strategies.
  • Exposition (Classes III-V)

    'The more we explore, the more we learn.
    The more we learn, the more we grow. '
    The annual exposition 'PRASTUTI' for Classes III-V was held in Maxfort School, Pitampura on Saturday, 22nd July 2017 in the school premises with the theme 'MAXPLORATION '. The students showcased a variety of projects covering the Maxcurriculum and included a variety of hands -on- activities on different subjects. The different projects exhibited by the students with confidence ranging from revolution of the earth, layers of the atmosphere, energy transfer, Planets on a parade, abacus tricks to language games, creative crafts left the visitors intrigued.
    The cultural programme included various scintillating performances of music showcasing sargams and a variety of dance forms like folk, western and kathak which held the spectators captivated and mesmerized. The principal Ms. Mona Lakhanpal appreciated and applauded the hardwork and efforts put in by the students and facilitators.
  • Report on Exposition 2017( Classes VI-VIII)

    Maxfort School Parwana Road organised the Annual Exposition 'Prastuti' on Saturday 29th July, 2017 for Classes VI to VIII. The theme of the Exposition was 'Maxarray'. Maxarray, as the name suggests is to bring into line with our vision which states that not only the scholarly development of a child is important but the development of complete persona which helps the students to stand out in the competitive social environment. Our honourable Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Satish Babbar, noted Ghazal singer and Sitarist.Exposition provides a platform for students to showcase their broader perspective. Here at Maxfort, we value the creative tendencies of a child and cultivate it into something great which stays with them for the life time. It brings the wide ranging expansion in their capability and disposition thereby increasing the chances of sustaining in the practical world.The exposition projects made by the budding learners of Classes VI-VIII were showcased in the respective classes to surprise everyone with their imaginative and creative skills and the entire school premises was filled with flamboyanceand charisma of the creativity and talent of our bright and innovative students. The purpose of exposition was curriculum based so as to present the concepts learnt in different subjects through projects.The learned Principal of the school Ms Mona Lakhanpal appreciated the efforts of the students and the facilitators in making the exposition a grand success
  • Jodo Gyan Fun Activity (Class III)

    Mathematics is majorly connected with logic, processes, operational analysis and reasoning. Jodo Gyan activity was conducted for Class III on 31st June 2017 at Maxfort School, Pitampura to make number learning fun and to promote activity based education. The ultimate objective of conducting this teaching methodology is to go beyond the understanding of facts to a deeper appreciation of concepts. This type of innovative activity helps students to relate mathematics with their everyday life and also helped students to understand the concept logically. This activity is highly interactive and has given students an opportunity to do hands on activity. It is a learning experience which ignites young minds.
  • Janmashtami Celebration

    Janmashtami commemorates the earthly appearance of Lord Krishna, who is described in India's sacred writings as God himself. One of the biggest religious festival, celebrated by million people around the world. Maxfort School Pitampura, Garnet house presented the special assembly on the occasion of Janmashtami on 14th August 2017.Children presented the beautiful thought for the day by remembering Lord Krishna and also recited self composed poems in Hindi and English on the significance of Janmashtami. Children also shared the importance of this day and shared the teachings of Lord Krishna given in Geeta.Children performed a group dance and a duet performance to express their feelings for Krishna ji which made the audience engrossed in it. Children sung the melodious bhajans and given the tribute to Kanha ji.
    Maxfort team wishes you Happy Janmashtami !!!

  • Independence Day (Class IV)

    Maxfort School Pitampura organized Independence Day event in the school on 11th August, 2017. Our respected Principal Ms.Mona Lakhanpal along with the Chief Guest Mahendra Goyal, MLA of Rithala Constituency inaugurated the function through lighting of the lamp. They displayed respect for the national flag by hoisting high in the school ground. Students of Class IV presented a small skit, dances and some patriotic songs with great enthusiasm showcasing love for their country. All the facilitators were dressed up in tricolour. It provided a platform for the students to showcase their talent which was appreciated by the chief guest as well as the parents. Students actively participated and an overall enthusiasm was seen among them.

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